Endpoint for interacting with locations.

Query parameters

created: Temporal filter on created. Supports various lookup types (created__exact by default). Filter values should be specified in ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ format.

dist: Spatial filter on geometry. Also requires a point in (lon, lat) format. Distances, in meters, are internally converted to degrees. This conversion is approximate (and worse for high latitudes).

geom_isnull: Boolean filter on geometry.

geom_within: Spatial filter on geometry. Supports WKT, HEXEWKB, and GeoJSON.

in_bbox: Spatial filter on geometry. The bounding box format is: min Lat, min Lon, max Lat, max Lon. Includes locations that overlap the bounding box.

name: Text filter on name. Supports various lookup types (name__exact by default).

object_id: Number filter on the id attribute of an object. Supports various lookup types (object_id__exact by default). To be used in combination with object_type.

object_type: Related filter on object. See below for an example on how to filter on assets like sluices, pump stations, etc.

ordering: Offers basic ordering functionality on the name attribute of locations. Orderings may be reversed by prefixing the attribute with '-'.

organisation: Related filter on organisation. See the organisations endpoint.

organisation_code (or just code for short): Text filter on code. Supports various lookup types (organisation_code__exact by default).

page: To prevent system overloads, list-view results are paginated. This parameter specifies which page to return.

page_size: The maximum number of results to return in list-view. The default is 10.

point: See dist.

uuid: Text filter on uuid. Supports a comma-separated list of (fragments of) UUIDs. UUIDs must be specified in their canonical form (with hyphens, that is). Case insensitive. Only supports uuid__icontains, the default.





?geom_within=POLYGON((4.87 52.73, 4.87 52.79, 4.98 52.79, 4.98 52.73,
4.87 52.73))

?geom_within={"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[4.87, 52.73],
[4.87, 52.79], [4.98, 52.79], [4.98, 52.73], [4.87, 52.73]]]}








GET /api/v3/locations/6eb648bf-c5a4-4566-ac7a-1311ec69921c/
Content-Type: application/json
Vary: Accept

    "url": "https://demo.lizard.net/api/v3/locations/6eb648bf-c5a4-4566-ac7a-1311ec69921c/",
    "node": {
        "url": "https://demo.lizard.net/api/v3/nodes/6be7b0dd-b65b-4e33-adcc-80ef1e28b4b5/",
        "uuid": "6be7b0dd-b65b-4e33-adcc-80ef1e28b4b5",
        "name": "Lizard",
        "description": "",
        "base_url": "",
        "master": true
    "uuid": "6eb648bf-c5a4-4566-ac7a-1311ec69921c",
    "name": "Stichtsch Ankeveensche Polder",
    "code": "3201",
    "geometry": null,
    "organisation": {
        "url": "https://demo.lizard.net/api/v3/organisations/474afd212f2e4b4f82615142f1d67acb/",
        "name": "Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier",
        "unique_id": "474afd212f2e4b4f82615142f1d67acb",
        "users_url": "https://demo.lizard.net/api/v3/organisations/474afd212f2e4b4f82615142f1d67acb/users/"
    "access_modifier": "Public",
    "ddsc_icon_url": "",
    "ddsc_show_on_map": false,
    "extra_metadata": {},
    "object": null,
    "created": 1405003723958,
    "last_modified": "2021-06-19T08:48:00.800232Z",
    "last_modified_by": "berto.booijink"